TradeBriefs, backed by 500 Startups in Silicon Valley , is an online media company and premium B2B publisher with 8, 00,000+ subscribers in India, including over 60,000+ CXOs.

Why Our 8, 00,000+ subscribers choose us?

TradeBriefs understands the need for you to stay informed. We help you understand trends in IT, Retail, FMCG, Telecom, Finance, Digital Media, Ecommerce, HR, Logistics, Construction, Franchising, Marketing and other areas of Business.

•    We at TradeBriefs believe the professional inbox is the stickiest channel for Business News and Insight.

•   Our 'News about news' technology helps you keep track of the business news and insight most relevant to you.

•   It's your work-related stuff. It will keep you smart (think promotion! think raise!) And it'll save you many hours every day; from roaming the corners of the internet, looking for relevant content

•  Our editors (aided by our curation algorithms) read everything that's important, and then pick the articles, best practices and case studies that really matter, package it into a nifty brief and deliver it into your Inbox every day.

How we help Brands and Agencies?

At TradeBriefs, we recognize the fact that you need to be able to acquire customers rapidly without burning through your marketing budget.

Do you wish to build a lead pipeline for your product or service at a reasonable cost?

Activate and Nurture your Business Prospects.

If you have an audience, we can help you maximize engagement through our partner model. TradeBriefs will power targeted content for your audience through a co-branded newsletter and our proprietary technology platform.

Why this works?



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