The thinking Indian's guide to Aadhaar
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The thinking Indian's guide to Aadhaar
There are a few topics as divisive as Aadhaar in drawing room discussions around India. While most people got themselves Aadhaar cards, some privacy advocates and others have managed to get the supreme court to put brakes on its wheels. This is rightfully so and probably due course in a democracy in the digital age. The end result seems a little messy and off-track - hopefully the Aadhaar survives and gets used to reduce corruption (wrt government subsidies, etc) which was the original purpose. This made me wonder if the social security number in the US (similar in scope and use today) faced any opposition of this kind when it was introduced in 1936 - apparently not. There was no social media in 1936.
Here's the thinking man's guide to Aadhaar from Founding Fuel. It delves into several specifics.

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