Practical Frameworks for Beating Burnout - Roli Saxena
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Practical Frameworks for Beating Burnout - Roli Saxena
Roli Saxena joined Clever last year to lead customer success. But in a turn of events all too common at growing startups, her role started to expand - and expand. Today, she's running all of sales, strategic partnerships and operations. Having come up through the ranks at LinkedIn - finally overseeing its largest North American sales division - she was used to having too much on her plate. But even the most seasoned, multitasking executives have their limits. The best ones admit it.
Now, with over 40 people reporting to her across multiple teams at a startup that has to remain lean and competitive, she's gotten serious about keeping burnout at bay. In this exclusive article, she shares the key frameworks that have helped her prioritize, focus and survive during the toughest moments of her career - and suggests how startups can institutionalize them for better, happier performance across the board.

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