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Do You Feel Guilty All The Time?

Guilt, as subtle as it may be, is a pervasive emotion that many of us experience daily. Some argue that perfectionism is at the heart of it, but even those of us that are far from perfectionist aren't immune to guilt. Others argue that guilt is a complete waste of time, but we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Guilt can be a sign of a functional moral compass. For example, if, in a fit of rage, you call your colleague a useless snollygoster and put salt in his extra large, nonfat, double decaf mochaccino, feeling guilty is probably quite an appropriate emotion, and hopefully, it will prevent you from similar shenanigans in the future.

In the case above, the "crime" is obvious and undeniable, though generally, guilt is much more insidious. When we're at work, we feel guilty for not being with our children (or even our pets). When we're at home, we feel guilty for not having done the laundry for a week or for not being at work. On the weekends, we feel guilty about not calling our friends or hanging out with our friends instead of our mothers.

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