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How to build a data-driven company

Creating a data culture is one of the keys to building a data-driven organization. The right technology, data literacy, and disrupting the status quo are ways to start.

While transformations can be difficult, the value of embracing data is clear - which is why Cindi Howson, the chief data strategy officer at analytics platform provider ThoughtSpot, urges more companies to think about what's stopping them from becoming data-driven.

Speaking in August at the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium, Howson said data-driven companies enjoy increased revenue, improved customer service, best-in-class operating efficiencies, and improved profitability. "It sounds like what we all want and why we collect data at all," she said. But according to a study from the Harvard Business Review, only 20% of companies are actually empowering frontline workers with data, Howson said. "That is an unacceptable situation for the state of the industry after 25 years. So, what does it take?"

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