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How to Decide, Convey vs. Convince, & More

It seems like investors are especially obsessed with the psychology of decision making - high stakes, after all - but all kinds of decisions, whether in life or business - like dating, product management, what to eat or watch on Netflix - are an "investment portfolio" of decisions... even if you sometimes feel like you're making one big decision at a time (like, say, marriage or what product to develop next or who to hire).

Obviously, not all decisions are equal; in fact, sometimes we don't even have to spend any time deciding. So how do we know which decisions to apply a robust decision process too, which ones not to? What are the strategies, mindsets, tools to help us decide? How can we operationalize a good decision process and decision hygiene into our teams and organizations? After all, we're tribal creatures - our opinions are infectious (for better and for worse) - so how do we convey vs. convince, and not necessarily agree but inform to decide? Especially given common pitfalls (resulting, hindsight bias, etc.), and "the paradox of experience", including even (and more so) winning vs. losing.

Decision expert (and leading poker player) Annie Duke tells us more

Listen to the 45 minute podcast here

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