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When You Know Layoffs Are Coming...

William recalls the excruciatingly uncertain months before he finally lost his job. He had worked in the real estate sector, where his work dried up. Piece by piece his responsibilities were taken away. His company­­ was not doing well, that much was evident. It was letting people go in small batches. If you didn't get tapped on a Friday, you were safe for the next week.

"We were just kind of sitting there staring at each other, waiting for the axe to fall," William says. And this waiting period was agonizing. "You ever watch like a documentary with a herd of zebra and there's a lion? The lion catches one zebra and all the other zebras are a little way off, just kind of watching." William says that's what it was like for all the other employees. "And then they're just kind of wondering when it's their turn."

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